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SafeWay Testimonials

Referrals Drive Us

Teen Testimonials

"Between all my homework, college applications and volleyball commitments, I thought I would have to wait until summer to take driver’s ed, but with the online course, I was able to take my course and drives when I had free time. Because of SafeWay, I feel really confident in my driving skills, was able to get my license on my 16th birthday and didn't have to give up any of my other commitments!"

Hannah G.

"SafeWay has the best instructors. I felt confident when I took my driving test and now I have my license!"

Mac R.

Parent Testimonials

"I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how happy we were with our experience at Safeway. Our daughter, Rachel, was a NEW and not intuitive driver. Your instructors did a terrific job of bringing her up to speed, and giving her specific guidelines to work on with her much less qualified and patient "other instructors", us! Your program was really convenient for our hectic lives as well. Thank you for all you did, and the roads are MUCH safer with you all leading the (safe) way!"

Marilyn & Robert M.

"Choosing SafeWay Driving allowed us to pick BOTH convenience AND quality instruction. We wanted the best for our teen but my husband and I both work and did not have a lot of time to apply to it. SafeWay did that for us!"

Vivian H.

Adult Testimonials

I was afraid to get back on the road after the bad wreck I had last year but after working with SafeWay I am back behind the wheel again and feel better about my driving than ever before.

Amy P.

It’s amazing how much we don’t know about driving a car like you should drive a car. I learned I had been driving the wrong way for 30 years and am glad I took the time to get better behind the wheel.

John C.

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