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Teen Driver Training FAQs


Is the SafeWay Driving System online course approved by the State of Texas?

Yes. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation has approved this course for SafeWay Driving only.

What are the online system requirements for the course?

The Online Course is compatible with Internet Explorer 8 or 9, Mozila 3.6 x, Safari 5 or any browser that provides equivalent functionality. The curriculum also requires the latest versions of Acrobat Reader 6.0 and Flash Player plug-in 8.0. Additionally you must have speakers as sound is required for the course. Currently the course must be accessed on a desktop or laptop.

How is the online learning experience different from a classroom learning experience?

Taking the course online allows you to learn at your own pace without the distractions of your classmates while still having access to a top-trained instructor, just as you would in a classroom. The online course can also be accessed 24/7/365, allowing it to fit into your busy schedule.

Will I still be equally prepared to start practicing behind the wheel driving?

Yes. This online course is comprised of the same comprehensive, proven curriculum we previously taught in our classrooms for over 44 years.

Will I still get to drive with a SafeWay Driving instructor?

Yes. All of our online packages include driving instruction and observation with one of our top-trained SafeWay Driving instructors.

Can I take the online course and still enroll in a SafeWay Advanced Driving package with more driving hours?

Yes. In fact, we strongly encourage students to spend more time in our cars with our top-trained instructors to better prepare for today’s Texas roadways.

Is there an advantage to taking the course online?

Yes. We understand that students are involved in a variety of organizations and have numerous time commitments. The advantage of our online course is that it can be accessed 24/7/365, allowing it to fit into your busy schedule.

Where do I go for technical help regarding the system?

You can email for help.

Where do I go to ask a question about the curriculum?

You can email for help.

How many hours a day can I work on the online course?

The State of Texas mandates that you may only receive 2 hours of instruction a day.

How long will it take me to complete the online course?

You could complete this course as quickly as 20 days if you elect to work daily and book your drives as soon as you have received your learner’s permit. You will have 90 days to complete 32 hours of online instruction and 180 days to complete 14 hours of in-car instruction (7 hours driving / 7 hours observation). The State enforces a 2 hour maximum of instruction per day. Completion of the course is dependent on your learning pace and when you schedule your drives.

What if I don't pass the test at the end of a session?

The session will need to be repeated and the end of session test re-taken. You cannot advance to the next session until you have earned a passing grade. If you do not pass the final test in Session 16, you must repeat the session until you can successfully pass the test.

When will I be able to get my learner's permit?

You will take your permit test online after completing Session 3. Upon passing this exam your certificate will be sent to you via email.

How will I acquire the certificate necessary for my learner's permit?

You will be emailed the permit portion of your DE-964. You will take this certificate to the DPS (please refer to the Permit Checklist to see what other documents DPS will require you to present) to get your permit as long as you are at least 15 years old. Otherwise, you will have to wait until your 15th birthday.

What happens if I miss my 90 day deadline through no fault of my own?

The 90 day online deadline must be enforced. You may extend a deadline for 30 days for $50 if you do so before the deadline date. 

Can I take this course if I don't live near a SafeWay Drive Site?

Yes. Any student that resides in the State of Texas is eligible to take our course. Choose the SafeWay Drive Site nearest you and if there is not one close by, you will need to request a transfer to take your required drives elsewhere.


When can I begin signing up for drives?

You may begin scheduling your in-car driving lessons as soon as you obtain your learner’s permit from the DPS and enter the permit number in your online SafeWay Driver Dashboard profile page.

How do I sign up for drives?

Scheduling Behind-the-Wheel times is done by you online at This service provides around-the-clock access for viewing your student record and scheduling, canceling and rescheduling Behind-the-Wheel appointments.

How can I ensure that I drive with my favorite instructor?

Due to scheduling complexities the only drivers able to select their instructors are those who are enrolled in one of our Advanced packages. All other drivers will be able to book available drive slots and will drive with the instructor assigned to that specific slot.

How often can I drive?

We recommend you to leave at least one day between driving lessons in order to practice the skills you learned in your previous driving lesson. Practice is important.

How many students are in the car during the driving lesson?

Two students are normally assigned to a car (one is driving and the other is observing). Sometimes there will be only one, and occasionally there will be three, but the third will be observing only.

What do I need to bring to a drive?

You must bring a valid learner’s permit and wear your contacts or glasses (if you have been prescribed them).

What should I wear to a drive?

Dress like you are going to school. We do allow shorts but no tank tops and absolutely no flipflop sandals or other shoes we determine could be a hazard to your driving safety. Athletes, please shower if you are coming straight from practice.

What if I forget to bring my valid learner’s permit to my scheduled driving appointment?

It is illegal for you to drive without a valid learner’s permit. Showing up to your scheduled driving appointment without a valid learner’s permit will result in a $75 no-show fee. To avoid this fee,you may observe for the first hour (if there is another student scheduled to drive) and drive for the second hour if someone can bring your valid permit to the location from which your drive originated before the second hour of the driving appointment.

What if I need to cancel a scheduled driving appointment?

You are responsible for canceling your driving appointments online in your driver portal at least 24 hours before the scheduled driving appointment. Failure to cancel 24 hours prior to a scheduled drive time will result in a $75 late cancellation fee. Emails, phone calls and messages will not be accepted as a valid Behind the Wheel appointment cancellation. Sorry, but there are no exceptions.

How much is the no-show / late cancellation fee?

$75 per lesson. You must pay the fee prior to booking any additional lessons.

How do I pay the no-show / late cancellation fee?

The simplest form of payment is by credit/debit card on our convenient online system but you can also pay by phone at 844.DRIVE SAFE. or by calling your local drive site.

Why do I need an extra lesson?

Not all students progress at the same rate. Seven hours behind the wheel driving is the absolute minimum required by the State and many students require more time than this to build their skills and confidence. If you purchase the State Minimum package, know that we may require you to take extra lessons in order to pass our course. We will not pass you until we believe you are ready for today’s roads. 

How much does an extra lesson cost?

An extra lesson is $100 for two hours (driving / observation).

Do we still have to drive in bad weather?

Yes, we will drive in the rain and other inclimate weather as we feel this is good practice for the students. If the weather has advanced to a level that we feel is unsafe to drive, we will notify you that we are canceling any drives. This is our right of decision and notification. If you make the decision you are not going to drive but we are driving that day, you will be charged a no-show fee. There are no exceptions.

What happens if I miss my 180 day deadline through no fault of my own?

The 180 day initial seven hour in-car deadline must be enforced. You may extend a deadline for 30 days for $50 if you do so before the deadline date. 

How will I acquire the certificate necessary for my driver’s license?

You will be emailed your certificate of completion (DE-964) once all course requirements have been met successfully (online and in-car). If you have to make changes to your DE-964, a duplicate can be issued to you for $25.

What is the 30 Hour “No Tears…More Years™” Act Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Log?

The State of Texas requires all teens, in addition to completing an approved driver training course, to log at least 30 hours of practice (at least ten of which must be at night) with their parent, guardian, or licensed instructor. The Instruction Log lists all of the lesson points that must be practiced. You can find the Instruction Log at 30-hour BTW Instruction Log.pdf. SafeWay Driving offers advanced packages whereby you may purchase 10, 20 or 30 additional (loggable) hours of advanced driving that satisfy the State requirements and provide you with additional practice with a professional instructor.

Does SafeWay Driving offer driving packages that fulfill the 30-hour “No Tears...More Years™” ACT Additional Instruction Log?

Yes. SafeWay Driving offers four advanced driving packages. The SafeWay Basic completes 3 hours of the Additional Instruction Log requirements, the SafeWay Advanced Package completes 10 of the Additional Instruction Log requirements and the Advanced Plus Package completes 20 of the Additional Instruction Log requirements. The SafeWay Advanced Pro fulfills the full 30 hours of the Additional Instruction Log requirements as well as declaring you a SAFE Certified Driver.

What if I am moving and need to complete my drives elsewhere?

You may request a transfer if you need to complete your drives at another school.

How do I request a transfer to another school?

All transfer requests must be made in writing and sent to SafeWay Driving Administration at 8588 Katy Freeway Suite 105 Houston, TX 77024.

Do you offer a refund if I complete my drives elsewhere?

Please see Refund Policy on your contract or in our Terms and Conditions to understand the details.

Can I transfer to SafeWay Driving to do the in-car portion?

Yes, but only through our Transfer Package. We have witnessed that there is a significant difference between the driving abilities and knowledge of drivers from other driving schools and SafeWay Driving professionally instructed drivers. Our Transfer Package will induct a new driver into the SafeWay Driving System prior to beginning the package of their choice.

Can I contract for SafeWay’s Valet Service so that my parents do not have to take me to the school for my drives?

SafeWay Driving offers Valet Packages only to our Basic, Advanced, Advanced Plus and Advanced Pro drivers, as long as you live within 5 miles of a SafeWay Drive Site. Our Valet Service provides for pick-up and drop-off at your home upon parental approval and payment of the service. It must be purchased for the entire package and is not available on a single driving lesson basis.


Do I have to be put on my parents’ insurance when I get my permit?

You generally will not be put on their insurance until you have received your license, but you will need to contact your specific insurance company for verification.

State Laws

How old do I have to be to start driver training at SafeWay?

You must be within two months of your 15th birthday.

How long must I hold my permit before I am eligible for a license?

You must hold your permit for at least six months, be 16, and have passed an approved driver training course before you are eligible to obtain your driver’s license.

Will I have any restrictions when I get my license?

Yes. The Graduated Driver License Program has two phases of driving requirements for minors. For more information on these restrictions, visit


I've completed my course. What else do I need to do to get my license?

You'll need to turn 16 and have held your permit for at least 6 months before you will be eligible for your license. Additionally you will need complete the 30 Hour "No Tears...More Years™” Act and the two hour IMPACT course. The IMPACT Teen Two Hour Course must be completed by all teens before they will be eligible for their license. The course is available online at Refer to your Permit DEE-964 Certificate for the proper TDLR school code.

Am I required to take a driving test at the DPS?

Not anymore! Now you can avoid the extremely long waits and hassle of taking your driving test at the DPS office. SafeWay Driving is now certified to offer the official Road Test at our convenient Drive Sites. Get your license in familiar surroundings!

What do I need to bring to the DPS to get my permit / license?

Refer to our Teen Driving Checklist or visit for a list of documents required by DPS.

I need to make changes to my certificate of completion (DE-964). How do I get a new one?

We can issue you a duplicate certificate of completion (DE-964) for $25. You must call our offices to request a copy of your DE-964.

What is the 30 Hour “No Tears…More Years™” Act Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Log?

The State of Texas requires all teens, in addition to completing an approved driver training course, to log at least 30 hours of practice (at least ten of which must be at night) with their parent, guardian, or licensed instructor. The Instruction Log lists all of the lesson points that must be practiced. You can find the Instruction Log at 30-hour BTW Instruction Log.pdf. SafeWay Driving offers advanced packages whereby you may purchase 10, 20 or 30 additional (loggable) hours of advanced driving that satisfy the State requirements and provide you with additional practice with a professional instructor.

Where is the nearest DPS and what are their hours of operation?

Visit for DPS locations and hours of operation.


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Adult Driver Training FAQs

Adult FAQs

How do I get my permit if I am over 18?

The State of Texas requires anyone between the ages of 18 and 24 to take a 6 hour course which covers Texas motor law and the rules of the road. 

What do I do after I pass the class?

You will be sent your certificate via email upon completion of your course. You will then be able to take your certificate to the DPS to get your permit or take your driving test. Remember that you learn to drive in a car, not in a course. Sign up for some private in-car lessons with SafeWay to prepare for today's dangerous roads!

Can I still take the class if I am older than 24?

Yes. Anyone 18 or older can take the class.

What do I need to take to DPS to get my permit/license?

Click here for a list of documents required by DPS. Click here for DPS locations and hours of operation.

Where is the nearest DPS and what are their hours of operation?

Click here for DPS locations and hours of operation.

Can I get a replacement certificate if I have to make changes to mine?

Yes, for a $25.00 fee.

Does taking this course qualify me for an insurance discount?

There is not a guaranteed discount available for the license course. However, all SafeWay graduates are eligible for exclusive discounts through Nationwide Insurance. Contact your insurance provider for more information.

Does SafeWay Driving train international guests?

Yes, we do! Many different situations arise when a foreign guest needs training or licensing on Texas roadways. We provide all of the services necessary for foreign clients to receive the best in training and licensing services. Please inquire for details.

Why would a mature driver need training?

These are not the same roads our seniors grew up on. While there is no substitute for experience when it comes to S.A.F.E. driving, years of bad driving habits combined with slowed reflexes can lead to very unsafe driving behaviors. Our Senior Driver Tune-Up is just the next step in the lifelong process of driver training. Illnesses associated with seniors can also affect their driving such as: cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, stroke, epilepsy, diabetes, Alzheimer’s or dementia, so it is always a good idea to know they are at their best behind the wheel.

What process is best for working with Senior Drivers?

While a Senior Driver’s years of experience should be respected, their current driving ability should be assessed. The SafeWay Driving Assessment measures all aspects of a driver’s ability in order to expose any deficiencies that may result in unsafe driving. Recommendations for a course of instruction will be made upon completion of this assessment.

Do you bring mature drivers up to speed on the latest vehicle technology?

Our new fleet of driver training vehicles are equipped with the latest safety features. Senior Drivers will learn how these features work and how to use them. We are also happy to train in our vehicle and teach the driver how the new features work in their own personal car for their peace of mind.

Do you educate mature drivers on the latest in road rules and regulations?

The rules of the road, both written and unwritten, and traffic law are constantly changing. We will ensure that the Senior Driver learns everything there is to know about both.

It may be time for my parent(s) to stop driving. Will you make that assessment and recommendation?

We will be 100% honest and straight-forward when assessing and advising any drivers. Our reputation demands it and we take our responsibility for making the roads safer very seriously. If we believe someone should not be driving, whoever they may be, we will make that recommendation in a kind and caring manner. Discretion and personal requests are taken in consideration and adhered to whenever possible.

If it is not a good idea for them to drive any longer, how do you make that recommendation? Will you tell them so the family does not have to?

We understand this can be a very difficult and emotional situation as their personal freedom and self-esteem are at stake. We are driving professionals and will stand behind our recommendations and will absolutely be the ones to have that conversation with the driver if the family does not want to do so. SafeWay Driving is not the legal “final word” in this situation, but we will be supportive of the right thing to do with each and every driver.


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Corporate Driver Training FAQs

Corporate FAQs

Can you provide customized services to fit our organization’s needs?

Yes. While most companies find what they need in one of our four categories of corporate driver training packages, we stand ready to take care of your organizationʼs unique driver assessment and training needs from 5 to 5000.

Can you train large groups?

Yes. SafeWay’s team of professional driving instructors has trained groups of all sizes in many different settings. Let us know what your special need may be and we will design a program to achieve your objectives.

Can we pay with a corporate credit card?

Yes. As a matter of fact, we prefer the corporate credit card be entered online to pre-pay for your team members’ training services. We will issue them a unique credit code they will enter and take care of their training. This will simplify processing and expedite the booking of your training services. Credit cards MUST be used for all single purchases smaller than 10 employees.

Can we authorize with a Purchase Order and pay by check?

Yes, but only for single purchases larger than 10 employees. Groups smaller than 10 or individual bookings must be paid in advance with a credit card.

Can you train in our special vehicles instead of your driver training cars?

Yes. If you feel it will help your team members to train in your vehicles instead of our specially equipped training cars, we will do so. There is no difference in cost regardless of the program you select for your team.

Where do we start? Can you make a recommendation?

Absolutely. Tell us what your needs are and we will make a recommendation to achieve your goals. For most, that means beginning with a Corporate Driver Assessment of every driver on your team. We can provide you an immediate electronic document of the results for their employee files and make recommendations on continued training based on the findings. The Corporate Driver Assessment also provides you a benchmark for future improvement and advancement of each driver.

What if we only have one employee driver? Will you train them?

Yes. To many small businesses, that one driver is just as important as the 100 drivers from a larger company. They are all lives on the road and we will take great care in training every single one.

Can we pre-pay for our group?

It is recommended you pre-pay online with a credit card and we will issue each employee a unique credit code number to enter our system and book their training. This is especially helpful when you have a large group to train over an extended period of time.

How long is our group training package valid?

Your group training package expires in one year from the date of purchase. If you buy in bulk to simplify your purchase and save from the group discount, make sure you use your training within one year of the date of purchase. It expires at that point and the balance is reset to zero with no credit available.


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Franchise FAQs

Franchise FAQs

How do I qualify for a franchise?

The process for qualification, “The Road to Your SafeWay Franchise,” is outlined on this site and includes an infographic for your reference. The actual qualifications are also outlined and include a genuine passion for making a difference in your community, connectivity in your community and belief in SafeWay Driving’s Purpose, Values, Vision and Mission. It also includes certain financial qualifications and a unwavering commitment to stick to our system.

How do you define a "school zone territory"

A School Zone is a specific geographic area that defines your boundaries for developing business. School Zones are taken directly from the demographic studies provided by public school districts for high schools, both existing and future. A single School Zone will include one primary public high school, middle schools and possibly a variety of private schools within its boundaries.

Do I need an office or can I work from home?

One of the many advantages of a SafeWay Driving franchise is that it does not require an expensive and time consuming store front or office. You can work remotely at your convenience, coordinating everything through your iPad. All you will need to do is identify Drive Sites for the purposes of meeting drivers for their drives and determine where you will park your cars. Franchises reaching the 9 car size level are required to add a store or office at that time. Allowances are also made for those who insist on having a physical location, with requirements to meet SafeWay Driving approval. Proven design and construction plans are in place and available, including interior models, decor and signage.

Do I have to be a Licensed driving Instructor?

It depends. Some of our franchisees choose to do their own driving or at least perform the duties of an instructor from time to time. In that case, you will have to obtain an instructor license from the State of Texas which we will help you satisfy those requirements through SafeWay University. All of your instructors will need to be certified S.A.F.E. through SafeWay Driving and licensed by the State of Texas.

Does SafeWay Driving provide training?

We do. SafeWay University is the epicenter of training and certification for all SafeWay Driving instructors and franchisees as well as the ongoing development of our proprietary online and in-car curriculum. All of SafeWay U’s primary training courses are licensed by the state and most are available through online learning management systems 24/7/365.

What is the standard franchise fee?

$35,000 per car multiplied by the size ranking of your School Zone. For example, the average size is a 3 Car School Zone so the franchise fee would be $105,000. A 1 Car School Zone would have a franchise fee of $35,000.

What are the standard franchise royalties?

The standard franchise royalties are 7% (subject to minimum payments).

What are the marketing and advertising fees?

Like most franchises, SafeWay Driving has an active marketing team developing strategies and campaigns to increase our collective business. The marketing and advertising fund is 5%, 2% of which you must spend on a local marketing basis and 3% which SafeWay Driving spends on campaigns and initiatives which enhance brand awareness and value for all of us.

What are the minimal financial requirements?

Minimum Cash/Liquid Assets: $75,000 
Minimum Net Worth: $150,000 
Minimum financial requirements may be satisfied individually or as an investment group.

What is the qualification process?

Being awarded a SafeWay Driving franchise is no small accomplishment. We are as selective about our Strategic-partners as our Strategic-partners are about the franchise they want to be associated with, so it is a two-way qualification process that we take very seriously. We have mapped the qualification process out in “The Road to Your SafeWay Franchise”, on this site.

How long does the qualification process take?

Depending primarily upon your diligence and work intensity, the qualification process can take anywhere from one to three months. That includes a required 14 day “Business Validation” period for you to take time to study, do your homework and plan to make certain this is the best decision for you and your family.


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