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Corporate Driver Training

SafeWay Driving improves employee safety and lowers company risks by delivering the very best professional defensive driving classes and behind the wheel training available. The SafeWay Driving System® is a proprietary driver training system that offers you and your organization the peace of mind that comes from providing your people the ultimate in driver safety training while giving your company the risk mitigation protection it requires. From Driver Assessments to Driving Safety Courses to Relocation services, SafeWay Driving partners with organizations of all sizes to improve team driving performance. Select from our variety of popular packages or let us customize one to fit your demands.

Risk Mitigation

Certified by the TDLR

Certified by the TDLR

Schedule drives at your convenience

6 Hour Online Course

Access anytime

Customized In-Car Training

Get on the road to SAFE driving

Defensive Driving

Built in practice quizes

Relocation Services

Locally owned and operated

Corporate Training Packages

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A professional assessment of your employees' strengths and weaknesses behind the wheel

Assess & Train

Driver Assessment (1 hr)

Electronic Report

Customized Driver Training (1 hr)

Assess Only

Driver Assessment (1 hr)

Electronic Report

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Drive privately with a highly trained professional instructor to improve your skills

Private Driver Training

2, 4, 6, 8, 10 Hour Packages

Adult License Course

State Approved 6 Hour Course

Private Driver Training (2 hrs)

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Driving Safety Courses

Driving Safety Course Pro

On-Campus Course (2 hrs)

Driver Assessment (1 hr)

Electronic Report

Customized Driver Training (1 hr)

Driving Safety Course Plus

On-Campus Course (2 hrs)

Driver Assessment (1 hr)

Electronic Report

Driving Safety Course Basic

On-Campus Course Only (2 hrs)

Why SafeWay Driving For Companies?

SafeWay has been training drivers for over 50 years and we have seen it all. Whether you want to train your fleet drivers with your specific techniques and regulations, assess their ability behind the wheel, have someone relocating from another country, or just want a defensive driving course, we can do that for you and do it at the highest level.

Here are a few of the companies that trust us...

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  • 1. Learn Teen Licensing Process
    Texas law requires teens to complete a 32 hour theory course, 7 hours of driving & 7 hours of observation. An additional 30 hours of driving must be logged before you can get your license. SafeWay offers our teen course online with convenient local drive sites in your neighborhood!
  • 2. Enroll in a Drivers Ed Program
    You can enroll in a drivers ed program shortly before your 15th birthday. When selecting a program, be sure that it includes both the theory and behind the wheel training. SafeWay's online course is fully integrated with our in-car training, making it the most comprehensive teen drivers ed course in Texas!
  • 3. Apply For Your Permit
    To get your permit, you will need to receive the permit portion of your DE-964 from your course provider. you will take this certificate to the DPS along with the other required identification documents Unlike some online programs that make you wait until you've completed the course. SafeWay will mail your permit paperwork after successfully completing your third session!
  • 4. Complete SafeWay Program
    You need to successfully complete 32 hours of theory work as well as a minimum of 7 hours of driving and 7 hours of observation with a certified driving school or registered parent-taught program. Remember that learning to drive is not a rite of passage, but a skill set. National Standards recommend at least 10 hours of behind the wheel professional instruction.
  • 5. Transfer To SafeWay
    A lot of students transfer to us after starting with someone else. You can transfer to SafeWay Driving to complete your drivers ed program! Before you begin your in-car driving with us, we’ll induct you into the SafeWay Driving System so that you are fully prepared to get behind the wheel.
  • 6. Complete 30 Hour Parent Log
    Texas law requires young drivers to receive an additional 30 hours of behind-the-wheel instructions by a certified instructor, parent or guardian before you can receive your license. At least 10 of these hours must take place at nighttime. SafeWay Driving can provide some or all of these hours for you.
  • 7. Take Your DPS Road Test at SafeWay
    Avoid the hassle of taking your driving test at the DPS office. SafeWay Driving is now authorized to offer the official Road Test at our convenient SafeWay Drive Sites. Get your license in familiar surroundings! Whether you take your Road Test with SafeWay or choose to wait to take it with the DPS, you will first need to take the two-hour online IMPACT course.
  • 8. Time To Get Your License!
    You will need to receive the license portion of your DE-964 from SafeWay. You will take this certificate to the DPS along with the other required identification documents. If you take your Road Test with SafeWay, we will provide you with a sealed envelope to take to the DPS.
  • Where is the nearest DPS and what are their hours of operation?
    Click here for DPS locations and hours of operation.
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