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SafeWay Vehicles

Only the best cars for our drivers!


We believe our drivers deserve the best, so we maintain a modern fleet of driver training vehicles at all times, each equipped with right-side instructor brakes, extra instructor mirrors, state-of-the-art safety features and GPS monitoring systems.

Safeway car interior
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Our training vehicles are bright and clearly marked. This helps other drivers on the road know you are learning and to be extra patient with you.

And YES the graphics are NASCAR inspired.


Oh yes, our training vehicles have instructor brakes! These ensure a safe learning experience during our in-car lessons giving you the peace of mind that your driver is safe and sound. One of many reasons why SafeWay training vehicles are amazing.


50 Years. 275,000 Drivers.

What started 50 years ago as "Spring Branch Driving School" is still going strong to this day! Our founders Gene and Jeanne Walker were a nationally respected authority and pioneers in the driver training industry. 


We proudly carry on their passion and methods to this day.

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