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Advertising Request

Driving Community Safety And Success

SafeWay Driving is founded on a relentless commitment to creating safer drivers and driving environments in our communities. For four decades, SafeWay Driving has consistently delivered the highest quality of professional driver training and training in Texas.

Hundreds Of Requests

As you might imagine, SafeWay Driving is a very visible company and receives countless requests for marketing and advertising opportunities from many different organizations. Therefore we have followed the lead of many great companies and consolidated our Advertising Proposal process on our website for your convenience. It also allows for us to insure we are getting all of the critical information necessary to evaluate your request and process it as efficiently as possible.

Only Method Of Submission

SafeWay Driving will not accept advertising proposals in any other submission format. We will not recognize personal sales calls, materials received by U.S. Mail, delivery service, fax, email, or phone calls of solicitation. We respectfully ask our professional community supporters to recognize the large volume of requests we process and understand this is the best possible approach to meeting everyone’s needs. Should we determine a personal meeting is warranted we will look forward to that opportunity.

All Marketing Is Important!

Every great marketing and advertising tool has application and relevance given the right strategy, timing and messaging. Unfortunately, that does not mean we can financially afford to engage them all. Each and every submission is evaluated on a case by case basis for both its merit and our current financial ability to support the initiative at that time.

Application Process

If you feel your specific proposal meets our expectations described in this guideline, please feel free to complete the online application thoroughly and submit it for consideration. Please note all applications should be submitted at least ninety (90) days prior to the event or publication date. Due to the heavy volume of requests please allow up to four (4) weeks for a response.


In order to qualify for a review your proposall must include:

  • A description of the proposed program

  • Include all costs and payment schedules

  • Include the proposed impact you believe your program will provide

  • Submit your request at least 90 days in advance of the event or publication

  • Complete ALL sections of the Request form

  • Your program or event will not IN ANY WAY serve or promote alcohol

  • You must be able to prove beneficial exposure to SafeWay Driving tied to your proposal

  • Your organization must be able to demonstrate sound and responsible financial management

Speed Bumps

As a rule, we do not make donations to:

  • Projects of a political nature

  • Controversial causes

  • Any event or function serving alcohol

Please Do Not Contact Us About The Status!

Please do not call or email SafeWay Driving to inquire about the status of your request. We will respond within our promised four (4) week timeline. Thank you for understanding our system and considering SafeWay Driving as an advertising partner.


Provide us with some information about your advertising request. A SafeWay Representative will contact you within our promised four (4) week timeline. Thank your understanding our system and considering SafeWay Driving as an advertising partner.

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