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State Minimum

The Minimum Required

The Minimum Required

This package teaches the very basics the State requires for a teen to get their license. While we provide the best State Minimum course in Texas, keep in mind an additional 30 hours on in-car driver training must be completed and documented before you will be eligible for your license.

SafeWay Driving Car

The SafeWay State Minimum Includes:

When you enroll in the SafeWay Minimum package your teen will receive 7 Hours of driving which means you still have to complete the full 30 additional State required hours. While we offer the best State Minimum driving program in Texas, there is a big difference between just getting your license and learning how to drive.

State Minimum License Requirement

Does not meet National Standards

32 Hour Online Course

Online Permit Test

7 Hours Driving/7 Hours Observation

24/7/365 Online Scheduling

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