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SafeWay Basic

The National Minimum

The National Minimum

Even the State knows that 7 hours is just not enough for a young driver, which is why the New National Standards suggest 10 hours of in-car driver training. The SafeWay Basic meets this standard while providing some additional time on teen driving fundamentals.

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Meets National Minimum

The new National Standard recommends a minimum of 10 hours on in-car training with a certified professional instructor, and you should not settle for anything less.

Add'l. Freeway/Intersection/Parallel Parking Practice

Most teen incidents occur at intersections, on freeeways.

Every young driver needs coaching in these areas beyond what the State Minimum provides.

The SafeWay Basic Includes:

When you enroll in the SafeWay Basic package your teen will receive 10 Hours of driving which means you still have to complete 27 additional State required in-car instruction hours. 

State Minimum License Requirement

Meets National Standards

Additional Freeway/Intersection/Parallel Parking Practice

32 Hour Online Course

Online Permit Test

7 Hours Driving/7 Hours Observation

3 Additional Hours of Driving

24/7/365 Online Scheduling

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