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SafeWay Advanced

The Beginning of Advanced Training

The Beginning of Advanced Training

Road crashes are the #1 cause of teen deaths in the U.S. and there is a good reason: new drivers are simply not getting enough driving time in the car with a Certified Professional Driving Instructor. Increase your peace of mind and lessen your parental driving requirements with 17 total hours of in-car training for your teen in our Advanced Driving Program.

SafeWay Driving Drivers Ed Training Car

VIP Driver Status

Having VIP Driver Status has many advantages, including Priority Instructor Selection.

We understand that every teen learns differently and some respond better to different teaching styles.

As part of our VIP service, this added benefit is only available to SafeWay Advanced drivers.

Advanced Driving Tracks

Start your teen down the road to safe driving.

The SafeWay Advanced program fulfills 17 hours of the 37 hour State requirement while putting your young driver through half of SafeWay's 20 different driving environments on 10 planned tracks that include both daytime and nighttime situations.

SafeWay Emergency Roadside Kit

Emergency Roadside Kit

Be prepared for a majority of roadside emergencies with this SafeWay Branded Kit.

Including over 30 emergency care items for your and your car, this kit is exclusively provided to SafeWay Advanced Drivers.

The SafeWay Advanced Includes:

When you enroll in the SafeWay Advanced package your teen will receive 17 Hours of driving which means you still have to complete 20 additional State required in-car instruction hours. Learning to drive is not a rite of passage or achieved through a game or cool app. Only hours of training with a professional driving instructor will make your teen a safe driver. Start your teen's advanced training with the SafeWay Advanced driving package.

State Minimum License Requirement

Exceeds National Standards

Additional Freeway/Intersection/Parallel Parking Practice

32 Hour Online Course

Online Permit Test

7 Hours Driving/7 Hours Observation

Additional 10 Hours of Driving

Emergency Roadside Kit

Priority Instructor Selection

24/7/365 Online Scheduling

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