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Why SafeWay?

We aren't your typical driving school

The Best Instructors!

Texas just passed a law stating ZERO hours of training is required to become a licensed driving instructor. We think this is crazy! This means there will be driving schools with instructors that have ZERO training or experience getting in the car with teens.

We promise you that at SafeWay your teen will NEVER get in the car with anyone that isn't highly trained and capable. 

Safety First

We take security seriously. Our driving sessions are conducted on specific planned driving "tracks" (what do you expect from a NASCAR driver). Our vehicles are also equipped with dash cams to protect all occupants and GPS systems so we are aware of their location at all times. 

50 Years. 275,000 Drivers.

What started 50 years ago as "Spring Branch Driving School" is still going strong to this day! Our founders Gene and Jeanne Walker were a nationally respected authority and pioneers in the driver training industry. 


We proudly carry on their passion and methods to this day.


Modern, Safe and Clean

We believe our drivers deserve the best, so we maintain a modern fleet of driver training vehicles at all times, each equipped with right-side driver trainer brakes, state-of-the-art safety features and GPS monitoring systems.

And YES the graphics are NASCAR inspired.

Convenience + Quality

We know you are busy. We also know you want the best. SafeWay Driving offers you the convenience of an engaging, disciplined online driving course integrated with the very best professional in-car training in Texas.

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