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Cameron Dawson

Most students consider getting their license a rite of passage, especially when they turn 16.However for students with learning differences, whether they be dyslexia, processing differences or autism, getting a license can seem almost impossible. 

Through a partnership with Social Motion Skills, SafeWay Driving identified a need for a drivers ed program that presented the information in a different format, specially designed for students with learning differences. Since 2012, SafeWay Driving has worked with countless students with various learning styles, training and preparing them for today’s challenging roadways. 

When Dawson received his license, he also received the independence he craved. Whereas before he was unable get a job due to a lack of transportation, he started working at a local restaurant in the same shopping center where he met his instructor for his behind the wheel lessons. As for his parents? They have peace of mind when their son is behind the wheel because they know he received the best driver training in Texas.



Student Successes: </p> Cameron Dawson

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