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Texas DPS Re-Opens for Appointments/Discontinues Mail-In/Email Service

Jun 16th, 2020

Effective June 15th, 2020, DPS has discontinued the alternate mail-in process and email process for learners licenses. All customers wishing to apply for their license need to begin making appointments via the DPS's website. Schedule appointments here.

The DPS will continue to process all of the packets that they have already received. The processing time for these packets is taking around 3-4 weeks from the day the application is received. DPS is asking that customers provide at least four weeks for them to process the application and have the new card mailed before they request a status update.

If customers have already mailed in their sealed envelope, they need to wait for the mail in process to be completed. If the customer prefers to visit an office to have the restriction removed, those who are eligible will need to take copies of the required documents, the skills test results and pay the required fee.

  • Eligible to visit the DPS Office: If their mail-in/email-in package has not been processed, they are able to schedule an appointment with the DPS to take their documents in person. SafeWay can provide printed out copies of the DPS Test documents to be taken to a DPS office and they need to be sealed in another envelope. This applies ONLY for those who tested with SafeWay and have mailed/emailed in their packet and it has yet to be processed.
  • Not Eligible to visit DPS Office: If the mail-in packet has already been processed, the customer will not be eligible to do another transaction at the DPS and the DPS will reject them.

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