Referrals Drive Us


Nothing drives our spirits and business quite like a referral from a SafeWay driver or their family. We have trained generations of families and friends and their testimonials are what get us up every morning. We take pride in our commitment to Serious Driver Training and the end result of safe, happy families. We hope you take a moment to read what some of our fans are saying about us.

Teen Testimonials
Between all my homework, college applications and volleyball commitments, I thought I would have to wait until summer to take driver’s ed, but with the online course, I was able to take my course and drives when I had free time. Because of SafeWay, I feel really confident in my driving skills, was able to get my license on my 16th birthday and didn't have to give up any of my other commitments!
I did the Safeway Drivers Course online, and finished at my own pace. I love how I was able to choose my instructors, and drive whenever my schedule allowed.
SafeWay has the best Instructors. I got 100% on my DPS driving test!
I really enjoyed SafeWay's laid back and fun learning environment. The approachable instructors helped me drive more confidently and made the experience less daunting.

Parent Testimonials
My youngest daughter just graduated from SafeWay Driving. My husband and I were so impressed with not just the quality of the online course, but also with the level of professionalism from her driving instructors. And it was so easy to fit into our family's busy schedule!
Choosing SafeWay Driving allowed us to pick BOTH convenience AND quality instruction. We wanted the best for our teen but my husband and I both work and did not have a lot of time to apply to it. SafeWay did that for us!
SafeWay Driving provided our family the convenience of their great online course and backed it up with their highly professional in-car training. All my kids will go to SafeWay for driver training.
Being a single parent made it tough on me to insure my child was getting the best training and attention they deserve with a driver training program. I wanted more for her than just getting a license. I wanted her to learn how to drive well. SafeWay Driving accomplished that for us.
I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how happy we were with our experience at Safeway. Our daughter, Rachel, was a NEW and not intuitive driver. Your instructors did a terrific job of bringing her up to speed, and giving her specific guidelines to work on with her much less qualified and patient "other instructors", us! Your program was really convenient for our hectic lives as well. Thank you for all you did, and the roads are MUCH safer with you all leading the (safe) way!
My daughter is enrolled in the "Driver's Ed At Your Speed" program at Safeway. I have never seen a better program for young adults with special learning needs and different learning styles. Safeway has provided a responsible, safe, and genuinely caring program to facilitate the accomplishment of a "right of passage" for today's youth with disabilities. There is no better program out there!! My daughter and I will be forever grateful because your program has given her the ability to accomplish her goal of creating more responsibility and greater independence in her life.

Adult Testimonials
I was afraid to get back on the road after the bad wreck I had last year but my SafeWay Driving instructor built my confidence and skills up and I am back behind the wheel again and feel better about my driving than ever before.
SafeWay Driving took the heat off of my brothers and I when we needed to prove to dad he needed to give up his license. It was such a dangerous situation but he didn’t want to lose his 'freedom.' SafeWay made it all happen with kindness.
It’s amazing how much we don’t know about driving a car like you should drive a car. I learned I had been driving the wrong way for 30 years and am glad I took the time to get better behind the wheel.
The roads have become so complicated these days and my SafeWay Driving instructor was able to teach me the additional skills and confidence I needed.
SafeWay's expert Instructors provided excellent driving strategies particularly when you have never driven in Texas [which has] very different rules compared to other countries. Having consistent lessons with highly trained Instructors enabled me to feel confident and due to SafeWay's excellent driving programs and superb teachers, I passed my test with excellence.
Corporate Testimonials
We really like to use the Corporate Driver Assessment as a baseline for all of our drivers as well as documentation that we checked them out before putting them on the road in our company vehicles.
SafeWay Driving was able to train all of our delivery drivers and it saved us significant amounts of time, money and liability dealing with incidents.
Once we realized the real costs of an accident to our company we decided to hire SafeWay Driving and it has made a big impact on our organization.
Franchisee Information
I wanted a franchise model that required my people skills but gave me full support on the operating and technology systems. SafeWay Driving is over the top on all of their support systems and I’m out working the community.
We’ve always wanted to work together to build a business in our community that made a difference in people’s lives and SafeWay Driving has been a great choice for us.
I looked for a long time to find the right business to leave the comfort of my corporate job and am glad I found SafeWay Driving. SafeWay’s phenomenal systems and admin team allow me to stay out in my community and do what I do best so I can build my dream business.