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Experience Learn from the best trained instructors in the business.  Safety The best proprietary driver training system in Texas.  Safety The best proprietary driver training system in Texas.

Driver Training is a matter of life and death.

Driving a car is not a right of passage. It’s a learned skill set.

Driving a car is something most people do every day, and it requires a certain skill level if you want to survive today’s dangerous roadways. You don’t become a safe driver by getting a driver’s license. You become a safe driver by learning disciplined habits and choices. Driver Training should be taken very seriously.

SafeWay Online

Driver’s Ed is Dead!

Old-School Driver’s Ed as we have known it for the last 50 years is rapidly disappearing. Using stale old classrooms to show worn out movies followed by overworked instructors driving dilapidated cars may conjure up fond memories for some parents, but no longer provides optimal learning conditions. Today’s young drivers require a more engaging training platform and most teens overwhelmingly prefer a digital learning environment that fits in with their schedules.

You learn to drive in a car, not in a room.

The best classroom for learning to drive is inside one of our modern driver training cars. Conveniently learn the road signs, basics and laws online with the industry’s only integrated driver training curriculum, then learn to drive in one of our new classrooms. It’s where Texas’ very best certified driving instructors are teaching well-prepared learners to navigate today’s dangerous roadways. You don’t learn your favorite sports, arts or other activities by sitting in a classroom. You perfect your skills by practicing over and over again with the guidance of a trained professional.

SafeWay Cars

Safe. Convenient. Effective.

SafeWay Driving has trained over 200,000 drivers in 41 years. Recently, more than 5,000 of them have completed the “classroom” portion through our state-approved online course, saving their parents 32 trips to the driving school. It works because we have the industry’s only totally integrated online curriculum, meaning there is absolutely no “gap” in the preparation for their behind-the-wheel training with our certified professional instructors. As a matter of fact, our instructor team believes our online course graduates are equally OR BETTER prepared for their first drive than our classroom students used to be. We credit these positive results to an engaging online curriculum, teens getting to take the course when they are fresh and also being able to learn at their own pace. In short, it is safe for the driver, convenient for today’s busy families and effective because the real learning is done in the car with a professional instructor.

20 Reasons to take the Best Driver Training Course in Texas!

SafeWay Driving is committed to being the best driver training company in Texas. We were created by Texans to train Texas drivers for Texas roadways, all in our never-ending quest to "Prevent the phone call nobody wants."

  • 1. This IS NOT a "Parent Taught" course
  • 11. Proven results for over 5,000 graduates
  • 2. Disciplined system cannot be bypassed
  • 12. Saves parents 32 trips to the driving school!
  • 3. Successful with all learning styles
  • 13. Fits into your busy schedule
  • 4. No "learning gaps" between online and in-car
  • 14. Total course can be completed in one month
  • 5. Learn when and where you want to
  • 15. SafeWay Certified Instructors online to help
  • 6. Drive with a SafeWay Instructor after Day 3
  • 16. S.A.F.E. Certified
  • 7. State of Texas Certified
  • 17. Recommended by SafeWay Instructors
  • 8. Over 5,000 teen drivers recommend it
  • 18. Proven safe and effective
  • 9. Grateful parents recommend it
  • 19. Provides convenience and quality
  • 10. Created by Texans for Texas drivers
  • 20. You can start today!

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