Adult Driver Training

Get on the road to safe driving.

Why SafeWay Driving for Adults?


Are you over 18 and getting your license for the first time, a new resident of the United States or an adult looking to hone your skills behind the wheel? When it comes to safe driving, age doesn’t necessarily equal expertise.

Whether you need to get your drivers’ license, build your confidence following an incident or you are the adult child of a senior driver who wants your parent’s driving skills evaluated, we offer a range of packages that will provide you and your family the peace of mind that only comes from the Best Driver Training in Texas.

  • The Very Best In-Car Training: From top certified professional driving instructors.
  • Ultimate Convenience: Handle everything from your computer except the driving.
  • Save More Time: Our additional Valet Service can pick you up and drop you off.
  • Personalized Training: Work on the driving skills you want to improve.
  • Experience: Over 42 years of training more than 250,000 SAFE drivers.

Compare Adult Training Packages


We offer a variety of adult driver training packages ranging from private in-car driving instruction to easy-to-take online courses. You decide what’s best to get the peace of mind that comes from knowing every driver in your family is safe on today’s roads.

Special Needs


SafeWay Driving believes that everyone should have the opportunity for a safe driving future. Learn more about our modified programs for drivers with special needs and learning differences.



What level of training is best for you? How soon can you book a certified professional driving instructor? What do you need to take with you to get your license? We know you’re bound to have a lot of questions for us, and we have the answers. Take a look at our FAQs and learn more about what you need.

What they say about us

  • I was afraid to get back on the road after the bad wreck I had last year but my SafeWay Driving instructor built my confidence and skills up and I am back behind the wheel again and feel better about my driving than ever before.

    AMY P.
  • SafeWay Driving took the heat off of my brothers and I when we needed to prove to dad it was time to give up his license. It was such a dangerous situation but he didn’t want to lose his ‘freedom.’ SafeWay made it all happen with kindness.

  • It’s amazing how much we don’t know about driving a car like you should drive a car. I learned I had been driving the wrong way for 30 years and am glad I took the time to get better behind the wheel.

    JOHN C.